Five tips to help you incorporate reading into your busy life

August 18, 2016

Five tips to help you incorporate reading into your busy life

We live in a dynamic fast-paced world in which the 24 hours a day are no longer enough. Even though you can't change the number of hours you have, you can still find time to read by incorporating it into your daily life with the following tips.

  1. Download E-books. No matter how much you love buying actual books, downloading e-books on your devices makes it easier and more convenient to read on the go. Whether you are waiting in line, taking public transportations, or having a snack, having an E-book readily available on your phone or tablet would not only help you read more but would also save you the trouble of finding a place for that amazing yet heavy 500 pages book you recently bought.

    Another perk with E-books is that some websites offer you a monthly subscription that allows you to read as much books as you can. Hence, getting to read plenty of books at the price of 1 or 2 books. It will help you keep your finances in check, and read more to get your money's worth out of that subscription.

  2. Turn off some of your phone notifications. Now before you say that I am completely nuts hear me out. I'm not talking about your emails or messages as those are indeed important. Yet, we all have a bunch of other apps that constantly try to remind us to check them out and most of the time that 2 minutes email check turns into half an hour of checking random apps that you didn’t intend on opening in the first place. This way you don’t have to make that harsh decision between a cute puppy video and reading a few pages from that new book you bought.

  3. Listen to Audio books. Audio books are a great choice if you are extremely busy because no matter how busy you are you have some routine chores that you must daily take care of such as cooking, eating, doing the laundry, or organizing your room or work area. You can listen to audiobooks while performing these chores which would help you read more and make these things less boring to do. Just 30 mins of daily listening to audio books would enable you to finish one book per month (with an average audio book of 11 hours).

  4. Share your reading goal with a friend. Tell a friend about your reading goal for the month regardless if it was 1 book or 10 books. This method would help you hold yourself accountable and have someone who supports and pushes you to accomplish your reading goals.

  5.  Motivate yourself. Regardless of how important something may be, sometimes you may simply lack the motivation to accomplish it. Whether you’re a book worm or someone who needs to force himself/herself to read, you still need motivation and especially on busy and crowded days. You can use a reward system, like going out for lunch once you finish that book, or buying your favorite candy at the end of every few chapters. It doesn’t have to be a huge reward, just use things you like to keep yourself going and motivated.

These were some simple tips to help you read more in a busy life. What do you think of these tips? Are there any that we've missed? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section.

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