About us

The original books@cafe in Jabal Amman is one of Jordan’s most iconic and
revolutionary establishments. Opening its doors in May 1997.
books@cafe was the first internet café in the Middle East cultivating a reputation for liberating the local cultures and intellect while promoting peace, equality and tolerance
The evolution over the course of two decades is a result of the urban growth within its natural and social surroundings, bringing together people from all walks of life and offering a haven of bilingual texts, home roasted gourmet coffee, and international cuisine that can be found at affordable prices.
Welcome b@c

books@cafe is designed to be an oasis of freshness that brings people together in an atmosphere of peace, love, and diversity. The continuing concept is to create a simple open plan that combines a café and bookshop in order to integrate reading and to enrich knowledge in a social and colorful space over a cup of coffee, a tasty meal, or both.

• A local business with an international mindset.
• A business as a home that supports and respects its surroundings by.
• Being adaptable to the values of its local culture.
• A business model that sells multiple products.