4 Interesting Business-Related Books You Should Look Into!

November 01, 2016

Hello dear readers! Today we prepared for you a list of interesting business-related books, which will help you successes in your work field along with some helpful tips to be more productive and in-control. We tried our best to summarize these books for you, and provide you with links to order each book, and get it delivered to your home!

1. Carrots and Sticks - Ian Ayres

Carrots and Sticks: Unlock the Power of Incentives to Get Things Done

In his book, Ian Ayres explains that not being able to achieve your goals may not be because you sat your goals too high, or that you lacked self-control to actually make it done. From the smallest tasks to the most complicated ones, the problem might have been the lack of motivations and incentives that will keep you going.

From having a clear disk, to learning a foreign language, and even creating monthly budgets and motivating your employees, Ian employs strategies and techniques applied in behavioral economics (rewards vs. punishments) to show you how to properly setup your goals and enjoying the ecstasy of achieving them.

Order your copy here: http://www.booksatcafe.com/collections/business/products/16201

2. Treat Me Like a Customer - Louis Upkins Jr

Treat Me Like a Customer: Using Lessons from Work to Succeed in Life

You might be very successful at work, and accomplish astonishing goals in your work-field. However, you may not be able to achieve the same level of balance and success in your personal life.

In this book, Louis Upkins Jr will explain to you how to treat your loved ones as you would treat your customers! To know what they need, and gain their love and respect, using lessons from work to succeed in life.

Some of the points discussed in this book:

  • How to balance the demands of work and home?
  • Knowing hat your loved ones really want. 
  • How to regain trust and build integrity?
  • Why a good fight isn’t the end of the world ?
  • How to protect your family from competition?

Order your copy here: http://www.booksatcafe.com/collections/business/products/11178

3. Your Money Ratios - Charles Farrell

Your Money Ratios: 8 Simple Tools for Financial Security

The world of financial ratios could be very intimidating. People with no financial analysis backgrounds or knowledge don’t really care about the philosophies and origin behind each number on their dashboards. All they need is a simple guideline that they can follow to be able to understand what's going on.

Charles Farrell, a leading financial adviser has prepared this book with guideline that will help individuals gain the ability to analyze and understand their personal finances just like an expert would do. Farrell also gives advises to different age-group readers, dividing them as the following: 20’s & 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.

Order your copy here: http://www.booksatcafe.com/collections/business/products/18894

4. The Winner Take All Society - Robert H. Frank

The Winner-Take-All Society: Why the Few at the Top Get So Much More Than the Rest of Us

In the Winner Take All Society, Robert Frank talks about how small differences in performance lead to huge differences in reward. Moreover, explains why one product sells like fire, while other competitor products die without seeing the light of success.

Frank asks and discusses very interesting questions like “Why does the top one per cent of the population capture such a disproportionate amount of the wealth?”, and “Why do top athletes win dozens of sponsorship deals, yet competitors who finish just moments behind struggle to attract a single deal?”

Order your copy here: http://www.booksatcafe.com/collections/business/products/18860


We hope this article was helpful! Please let us know what you think in the comments bellow! And don’t forget to order your copy now :)
Until next time! Salam!

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