Wii love arts (English and German Edition)

$21.15 USD

by :  Michael Schmidt (Editor), Christian Hermann (Editor)

Nintendo’s Wii gaming console is revolutionary: The gamer’s actual movements are synced with the movements of on-screen characters, using a special controller (see cover). In other words: no more gaming sitting down! This new “movement” has been given an artistic forum in Wii love arts.

Eighteen artists were asked to contribute to this book. Contributors include graphic artists, illustrators, photographers, digital editors, a writer, a choreographer, a fashion designer, and a street artist. They were given but one guideline: play Wii and get inspired. The works created by these artists fall into the categories of sports, movement, and design.

The book has been manufactured in a sumptuous fashion. The inside covers are available in five colors, thus, merely two in twenty books are identical in that respect. Every copy of the book comes with an individual color page from the “A tribute to Jackson Pollock” project, making every copy unique. Inside, you can find a digital work of art (“house of Wii”) printed onto a gatefold. Last but not least, an original Wii controller wrist band serves as a bookmark.