Who Do You Think You Are

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Every family has their own history and secrets: the black sheep, the Great-Uncle who fought in the first world war, ancestors who came to Britain from abroad, the lost family fortune or the shamed family member whose name is only ever whispered. We are all fascinated by the lives of our ancestors.

The ground-breaking BBC2 series Who do you think you are? Took ten TV personalities- from Vic Reeves to Jeremy Clarkson – on an emotional journey to trace their family history. Now the Who do you think you are? Jargon-free guide can help you to go on your journey into the past – showing you how to find out about your own family history.

And you never know what you might find. A whiff of scandal becomes a quest that can lead to the most astonishing revelations. Be warned: this is a compulsive hobby, and you may soon find yourself thinking of nothing else.

No prior knowledge is needed. Who do you think you are? Equips you with the basic tools to start and maintain your search. There is information on everything from where to find census information and how to order a birth certificate, to tracking down immigration documents or finding out if your navy officer great-great-uncle ever committed a disciplinary offence.

All the celebrity stories are included and there's even a short section on good books and websites to go if the bug has really got you. With the amazing technology and excellent resources available to us today, it has never been easier to find out more about your family's past

by : Dan Waddell