Web Sites That Work: Secrets from Winning Web Sites (52 Brilliant Ideas)

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Web site design. Sounds a bit mysterious and scary doesn’t it? As if only a few chosen individuals have been ordained into some techno brotherhood that speak and write in a different language, punctuated by Java scripts, dreamweavers, CSSs and HTML code.

You don’t have to have a BSc in Nerdiness or know what Bill Gates had for breakfast to get to grips with web design. Why stick to the tired and out-of-date site you currently have? Ordinary non-techy folk just like you can have a web site that looks great, but more importantly, does exactly what you want it to do without having to learn a programming language. Let me show you how. In Web Sites that Work I reveal all my secrets to help you re-energise or create from scratch your
dream site!"

by : Jon Smith