Turn Up the Heat: Unlock the Fat-Burning Power of Your Metabolism

$7.05 USD

Discover the program that has worked for hundreds of thousands of people, including countless celebrities and athletes, helping them to achieve permanent weight loss and healthier lives.

Turn Up the Heat provides a thoroughly documented food management system personalized to each individual's metabolic type-fat-and-protein efficient, carbohydrate efficient, or dually efficient. The system is comprised of three components: eating the right kinds and amounts of foods in the correct sequence; following a specific exercise program based on the individual's metabolic type; and drinking the appropriate amount of water daily. Including easy-to-use questionnaires to determine your metabolic type, weekly food plans, and a 2-week Quickstart plan, Turn Up the Heat will forever break the apathy and frustration of dieters who just never seem to get to their ideal weight.

by: Philip L. Goglia