The Wives' Book: For the Wife Who's Best at Everything

$14.10 USD

Often described as 'the better half' of the husband-and-wife team, the role of the wife is one that is sacred and wide ranging. From knowing the quickest and most efficient route around the supermarket and exactly where her husband keeps his passport, to her uncanny ability to time her hair drying with a husband's lie-in or collect an array of cosmetics for every eventuality that clutter up the bathroom. The Wives' Book celebrates all the quirks, traditions and achievements in wifehood, including: fascinating stories of wives throughout history, imaginative ideas for celebrating wedding anniversaries, top-ten synonyms for 'wife' (not all endearing...), humorous and thought-provoking quotes from literature, great warming tales from real-life wives, and practical advice for keeping your household shipshape and running like a dream. Delightfully informative and beautifully packaged, The Wives' Book is a lovely celebration of marriage and a great gift for all brides.

By: Alison Maloney