The Taoist Secrets of Long Life and Good Health:

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Everyone dreams of finding the secret of eternal youth. Taoists in China have a 5000-year history of developing a spiritual philosophy that combines meditative techniques, physical exercises and harmonious ways of living to help people live longer and healthier lives. Now a contemporary master of Taoist wisdom shares these ancient secrets in a complete programme adapted for today's lifestyle. The exercises, meditations and holistic living practices in this practical book can help anyone restore and rejuvenate the body's energies, relax and renew the mind, and live the long and healthy life needed to advance on the path towards spiritual immortality. Though the ancient Taoist sages called the 'immortals' did not really live forever, their lives were extraordinarily long and healthy. Their secrets will help you relax deeply to improve concentration and relieve stress, stimulate your Qi (life energy), use herbal tonics for youthful sexual vigour, detoxify and purify the body and cultivate emotional wellbeing by living according to the natural Tao.

By: Charles Chan