The Secret Intensity of Everday Life

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by : William Nicholson,

When her first love resurfaces after twenty years, Laura is forced to compare the passion of that relationship with the domesticity of suburban life. She has no idea that everyone in her town is struggling with their own unresolved crises.@lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;Among the cast of characters are a rector who has lost his faith, a school teacher who longs to be a screenwriter but receives only rejections, a struggling farmer who resents the influx of young professionals and their privileged offspring to this formerly rural area, and a journalist who can't stop sleeping with her ex, even though it's ruining her life.@lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;With humor and a keen eye for the subtle dramas of daily life, Nicholson creates a rich world of characters all grappling with the big questions in life.