The Sea on Fire

$11.28 USD

by : Howard Cunnell

Kim lived a wild and rootless youth, entirely devoid of meaning, until he discovered his passion: deep-sea diving. In his exploration of the stunning, untouched paradise beneath the surface of the water he found freedom, solace and a means of escape from the terrors of his past. But those were the old days. Now, he has just about settled into family life in London, until his best friend, the virtuoso waterman Garland Rain, offers him a chance to make some money on the side as a private diving instructor on a three-week excursion to the spectacular reefs in the Southern Red Sea; it's an opportunity he can't refuse. Then the two men find out that the dive is being run by a notorious gangster who lives a life of drugs and violence, and while Garland tries to contain the worst excesses and ensure that the guests are diving safely, Kim finds himself increasingly drawn to the dark side of the boat's temptations. As everything escalates increasingly out of control, tragedy befalls the dive and Kim discovers that the decisions you make in the moment come back to haunt you and sometimes even follow you home