The Measure of Her Last Marathon: Conversations with Deema Abu Ali

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by Moïse Songolo HALAFU (Author), Dana Shalabi (Editor)

This is the true and heroic story of Deema, a young lady in her early 40’s working for an international organization based in Amman, Jordan. She is known for her passion for sports especially marathon. She runs for a cause to support Palestinians children suffering from cancer. Deema has just been diagnosed with colon cancer herself, a big blow to her many dreams. Deema lives with her elderly widower father. She decides not to disclose her health conditions to her Dad and everyone else except her sister Rania, her brother Ameen and the two colleagues working closely with her, namely Moïse and Mais. Deema is convinced that she will survive from cancer; hence, she doesn't want to loose her Dad to whom such a sad news could be fatal. This book reveals Deema’s extraordinary copping mechanisms during the two-year struggle. It takes the reader into Deema’s two years secret marathon; it reveals her inner strengths as well as lessons of life she will be remembered for by many generations to come as she taught people how to live at a time she knew she was dying.