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The Fussy Baby

The Fussy Baby

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From one of the country's leading pediatricians and author of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child-reassuring, down-to-earth ways to turn fussy newborns into sweet, contented babies. Dr. Marc Weissbluth has written a book to help parents comfort their newborns easily and effectively. Extreme fussiness, he notes, is not dangerous and usually stops when the child is about four months old. In the meantime, however, life can be tough for the whole family. Inside readers will discover: - The most up-to-date research, including some fascinating possibilities that researchers are just beginning to explore. - Facts and fiction about diet, mothering, proper medications, and much else that even your pediatrician may not know. - The emotional effects: Avoiding the guilt, anxiety, and frustration so often stirred up by having a fussy baby. - Expert, step-by-step advice on establishing healthy sleep habits. For parents with a newborn who cries inconsolably hours a day, take heart. Soothing help is here!

By: Marc Weissbluth

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