The Dead Roam the Earth

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Captivating true accounts of the paranormal from all over the world
Do you believe in ghosts? From incubi in Sumatra to exorcism in Sudan to spirits in our own backyard, The Dead Roam the Earth explores the fascinating variety--and uncanny similarity--of supernatural encounters in every corner of the planet, providing chilling accounts of real-life ghost sightings, haunted places, poltergeists, possessions, Mothmen, demons, witchcraft, ritualistic killings, and much more.
Could so many people in so many places just be imagining things? In addition to its wealth of testimonials from ordinary people witnessing extraordinary things, this engrossing book presents the latest scientific attempts to make sense of the supernatural--including how electronic equipment has revolutionized spiritual communication--and finds the devil in the details.

by : Alasdair Wickham