The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Heart Attacks (Cleveland Clinic Guides)

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Keep Your Heart Healthy
and Preserve the Quality of Your Life!
The statistics are staggering: More than 1 million people have new or recurrent heart attacks every year. Don’t become a statistic. Make the decision today to educate yourself about keeping your heart healthy.
In The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Heart Attacks, Dr. Curtis Rimmerman, one of America’s foremost authorities on heart health, reveals important information for patients and their families on how to avoid a heart attack or survive and thrive after one. Inside you’ll find advice to help you:

Understand the risk factors and minimize the likelihood of having a heart attack.· Discover the best possible methods for managing heart problems, using medical, surgical, interventional, and rehabilitative strategies.

Get the facts about diet and exercise and the dramatic impact they can have on your condition. · Learn about the latest breakthrough studies, and what those discoveries mean for the future of preventing heart attacks.

Find inspiration and encouragement from the stories of people who have survived heart attacks and improved their health.

Cleveland Clinic is ranked consistently among the top hospitals in America by U.S. News & World Report. Its heart program, ranked #1 in the United States for 14 years in a row, cares for people from more than 100 countries.
By: Curtis Rimmerman