Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine

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For half a century, Rolling Stone has been popular music's chronicle, and founder Jann Wenner has--for better or worse--been the magazine's driving force. Given access to Wenner's archives and to the man himself, Joe Hagan tells the extraordinary stories behind the magazine that reinvented youth culture, and marketed the libertine world of late-sixties San Francisco. Hagan also surveys Wenner's instinctive understanding of the zeitgeist, his pursuit of fame and power, and the betrayals that earned him as many enemies as friends. Wenner has always had the knack for being at the center of things, and this biography teems with such figures as John Lennon, Hunter S. Thompson, Bette Midler, Tom Wolfe, Cameron Crowe, and Bruce Springsteen.

by Joe Hagan