Prefab Elements

$21.15 USD

When you go to Home Depot to look at their ready-made cabinetry, you may not think of it as prefab, but in fact that’s just one example of the many amenities today’s manufacturers offer. Customized amenities provide homeowners comforts they couldn’t afford otherwise and often more economical and environmentally smart ways. Think of luxury bathrooms with multilevel showers or oversized whirlpool tubs, skylights, staircases, ceramic tile and much, much more. Prefab Elements discusses this phenomenon, presenting scores of new materials and items that can be used either in a total prefab environment built from scratch or as individual items in a renovation or redesign. Building on the bestselling success of Prefab Modern, this inspiring book also provides a fascinating history of how the prefab movement really got started and how architects like Frank Lloyd Wright became increasingly involved with early prefab development. A source list and glossary are included to help homeowners get up to speed on this all the new exciting opportunities prefabricated elements offer today.

By: Sandy McLendon