Practical Loss Control Leadership

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Effectiveness. Efficiency. Excellence. These words and concepts permeate current literature, courses, and discussions. They are defined in nearly as many different ways as the number of people who write and talk about them. For practical purposes, the definitions seem to boil down to these:- Effectiveness - doing the right things.- Efficiency - doing things right.- Excellence - efficiently meeting effective goals, both short term and long range.We believe that this book can help you improve the effectiveness, efficiency and excellence of your system for managing loss control ... and for quality, production and cost control. In essence, it can help improve your management system. Improved quality, production and cost control go hand-in-hand with improved loss control, and they all depend on how the system is managed. The idea that excellence in safety and production go hand in hand is not new. As early as 1928 the American Engineering Council, based on an engineering and statistical study, demonstrated that an organization with decreasing injury rates is eleven times more likely to show increased production than an "unsafe" one.We believe that the book's concepts, practices, techniques and tools reflect what leading organizations around the free world have done, and are doing, to get their results. Spanning more than three decades, we have had the good fortune to work with tens of thousands of leaders in hundreds of organizations to distill the contents of this book. The ideas and applications are tried, tested, and proven. Put them to work and they will work for you.

By Frank E. Bird (Author), George L. Germain (Author), F. E., Jr. Bird (Author)