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'Egan is renowned for bringing the most abstract concepts of physics and philosophy to life, and these diamond-hard science fiction stories ably showcase his talent' says PUBLISHERS WEEKLY of this collection, which blends adventure with mind-boggling mathematics and science. Among the stories are: 'Dark Integers', in which two academics-turned-spies fight off deadly incursions from a mathematical realm that could unravel our own universe. Mathematical secrets are also the key to an ancient mystery and a modern war in 'Glory', while fans of INCANDESCENCE, Egan's new novel, learn more about the Aloof in 'Riding the Crocodile', which details the millennia-long efforts of a pair of scientists to understand the mysterious race living in the heart of the Milky Way. It also includes the Hugo-winning novella 'Oceanic', which looks at a far-future colony where science and religion have collided in faith-shattering ways.Egan, the author of some of the most surprising and intuitive short fiction in the genre, has the almost unique ability to help his readers to get their heads around some pretty mind-bending concepts without dumbing them down or blinding them with science that's quite a feat. And as one Amazon reviewer said, Egan is quite a writer!

by : Greg Egan