My Fight / Your Fight

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Olympic medalist, undefeated Ultimate Fighting Championship champion, and star of the upcoming Entourage movie, Ronda Rousey reads her revealing memoir, sharing her difficult path to glory and how she become the toughest woman on Earth.

It was over in a sixteen-second blur. Ronda Rousey—former judo Olympic medalist and reigning UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion—kept her mixed martial arts title in a flurry of fists, knees, and chokeholds, making her one of the most recognized female athletes in the world. From fighter to featured on the cover ESPN magazine and in The New Yorker, Rousey is quickly becoming a ubiquitous presence in Hollywood, starring in several upcoming blockbuster films. But the road to stardom wasn’t always easy.

In this inspiring and entertaining memoir, Rousey reveals her tragic childhood, settles numerous scores with her public rivals, and shares the habits that make her the champion she is today—including her extreme diet regimen during fight weeks, her grueling workouts, and the shocking mind games she plays before knocking out every opponent she’s ever faced.

Listen to the author read her heartfelt memoir as she gives you a behind-the-scenes look at her meteoric rise to fame and life as a UFC champion and Hollywood superstar.

by: Ronda Rousey