The Mr and Mrs Happy Handbook: Everything I Know About Love and Marriage

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Description of this Book

Funny, provocative, and sometimes counter-intuitive advice on the best ways for both men and women to make a relationship work. In The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook , Steve Doocy will attempt to give all men and women answers to the questions that arise in their relationships. Riffing on everything from the first date, first kiss, to last rites, Doocy talks about the crazy arcs that each relationship takes, from dating, proposing, wedding, honeymooning, being married, having kids, to making it work. Doocy has been married for twenty years, but he's not declaring this a self-help book. It's more of a don't try this at home book. Doocy's an expert on what not to do, because he's already done all the dumb stuff, and he's learned from his mistakes. Plus, for anything he has not learned, and for additional WMD (women, men, dating) brilliance, Doocy has included bits and pieces from his celebrity interviews, which will make the reader feel simpatico with the rich and famous.

By: Steve Doocy