Mom, Inc.

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by : Neale S. Godfrey

BE THE CEO OF YOUR LIFE At work, you can run through your to do list efficiently; at home, you struggle to find the time to make the grocery list. At work, you can organize and lead meetings with power and panache; at home, it's one battle after another before you can get the kids to get ready for school, sit down for dinner, or prepare for bed. As a working mother, you face this dilemma on a daily basis, not realizing that the career skills you use so effectively can be just as valuable when managing your home and family.In Mom, Inc., trusted financial expert and working mother Neale S. Godfrey explains how to turn practical business concepts and procedures into more effective methods of running a household. In a light-hearted, no-nonsense spirit, Godfrey offers simple and creative ways to help your kids become team players : * Create a family mission statement* Turn perennial household issues, such as chores and mealtimes, into manageable projects that the whole family can work on* Use quizzes, self-tests, and worksheets to set realistic priorities and goals for each family member* Extend your professional time-management skills to after-school activities and family trips* Develop a flexible budget that will both meet your daily needs and allow you to fund special projects, such as preparing for the holidays and saving for collegeTaking a fun and innovative approach to parenting, Mom, Inc. shows that motherhood can be the most rewarding and successful job you'll ever have.