Make My Wish Come True

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by : Katie Price,

The bestselling Katie Price is back with a brand new Christmas novel full of scandal, gossip and romance. Storm is a journalist at a local newspaper who dreams of working as a celebrity reporter. But when her best friend Carly confides that she slept with a married footballer, Storm wouldn't dream of using the story to further her career. Unfortunately, her boyfriend, has no such worries. So when the story hits the press, Carly vows never to talk to Storm again. Storm moves to London with her boyfriend where she is offered her dream job working for the country's biggest tabloid newspaper. But with the pressure to constantly dig up new scandal, Storm finds that the job is not as fun or glamorous as she expected, leaving her lonely and unhappy. So when she meets TV chef Stefan and they begin to fall in love, she doesn't dare tell him what she does for a living in case he thinks she's just with him to get a story. But when a scandalous story about the two of them spending the night together appears in the paper, Stefan is furious and doesn't believe her when she tries to explain she had nothing to do with it. Devastated, Storm gives up her job and returns home. But with the two people she loves the most still not talking to her, she is facing the prospect of a very lonely Christmas.