Magdalene's Lost Legacy: Symbolic Numbers and the Sacred Union in Christianity

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the face of the ascending feminine identity and the waning credibility of the patriarchal institutions of Western civilisation, Magdalene's Lost Legacy explodes the myth of the celibate Jesus. Using New Testament gematria, symbolic number values encoded in the Greek phrases, the author reveals that the sacred couple was one of the essential pillars of early Christian teachings, before being denied by the architects of institutional Christianity and obscured by later Church doctrine. The author shows how the nuptials of the Lamb and his Bride prophesied in the Book of Revelation restores a crucial teaching now forgotten by the Church: the Sacred Union - the hieros gamos or sacred marriage - of masculine and feminine principles is the partnership model for life on our planet. She also reveals how the scandal unfolding in the Roman Catholic priesthood has its roots in the mistaken notion of a celibate Jesus and the worship of the masculine principle stripped of its feminine partner. Magdalene's Lost Legacy provides a powerful tool for rediscovering the faith of the earliest Christian community and restoring its tenets. It explains the true meaning of the 666 prophesied in the Book of Revelation . It shows how the worship of a celibate Christ created the hierarchical priesthood now embroiled in scandal.

by : Margaret Starbird