Just Drink The Bleach Surviving One Year Of Covid Lockdown And False News

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by : tudor lomas 

 Just drink the bleach surviving one year of Covid Lockdown and False news written by tudor lomas, published by tudor lomas, Jemstone Books which was released on 16 September 2021. Download Just drink the bleach surviving one year of Covid Lockdown and False news Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Millions died, health-care systems were overwhelmed and our deepest values challenged. The pandemic of 2020-21 took us to the edge, it destroyed our way of life and it undermined trust. On 8th March 2020 I shut myself away (a Brit in Amsterdam) before anyone else we know (we had co-morbidities and didn't want to die!) I searched for help from the victims of Spanish flu. I didn’t find much so I wrote this warts-and-all 'lived experience' for my young grandson, so he'd know what we went through and how the world changed -- the chaos, the confusion, the fear and the frequent stupidities. The chapter titles summarise the shifting story of surviving the virus, the lockdown and the destabilising torrent of false-news. It’s a day by day running journal of what happened, what we got wrong and what it means to us now, written with the author's young grandson in mind! Thirty-one chapters covering the key 15 months to mid-summer 2021. . . . "vivid, gripping first-hand account; essential reading" -- Jonathan Burton . . . . "upbeat, lively; philosophical reflection of a pivotal year!" -- Dr Kit Byatt . . . . "The structure and chapter outline are brilliant and enticing" -- Steve Richards . . . . "extremely readable and profound"