Intimacy After Infidelity

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Book Description:

This book will help you figure out why your partner betrayed you and whether you can remain in your relationship. It will also show you new ways to relate that can help you and your partner become a lasting, loving, and committed couple.

you'll start by taking a look at the phenomenon of infidelity and the three types of intimacy: self-intimacy, conflict intimacy, and affection intimacy. Then you'll learn about the three kinds of infidelity - those of fear, of loneliness, and of anger - and what each reveals about your relationship. Then it's on the practical exercises that can heal emotional wounds and enable you to recover your ability to trust. Even if you decide not to remain with your current partner, the book will help you make wise relationship choices to "affair-proof" you future relationship.

By: Steven Solomon, and Lorie Teagno