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With recipes from leading chefs and food writers like Mark Hix, Ursula Ferrigno and Das Sreedharan, and Silvana Franco, this series brings out the best in a range of food types, containing exciting yet approachable dishes that can be made every day of the week. Whether you are looking for a Chicken Tikka Masala to replace your takeaway, a Succulent Pork Roast, or the best way to make a Victoria Sponge, these books have a recipe for you. You can even expand you Italian repertoire from simple spaghetti to Parsley Pasta with Clams and Black Olives. Das Sreedharan gives a wonderful collection in Indian, demystifying Indian cooking for Western readers with dishes from his years of travelling and his own Rasa restaurants. Ursula Ferrigno captures the warmth and flavour of her native cooking in Italian, reminding us that we cannot ever underestimate our debt to the best-loved cuisine in the world. Mark Hix helps us rediscover our own culinary heritage in British, using fresh modern twists with traditional, local ingredients. Family by Silvana Franco shows readers how to cook for every family occasion and ranging from a meal for two, to lunch on the run, or a celebratory dinner for twelve. And, lastly, Salads shows us that these traditional side dishes can be so much more, with countless variations for whatever is in season all year round

By: Das Sreedharan