Hew, Screw, and Glue: How Stuff Is Made

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by : James Innes-Smith

Did you know:

The sap from the Hevea brasiliensis species of tree is transformed into condoms
Lipstick was originally made from crushed ants and carmine beetles
Some perfumes come from the anal glands of beavers
Mussel shells and corn cobs were commonly used as toilet paper
Fish bones were once used as toothpaste 
Hew, Screw & Glue investigates 30 common household items and explores the step-by-step production process from development to packaging to sale. Complete with whimsical illustrations, irreverent anecdotes, a brief history of the product, and lots of fun (and sometimes astonishing) facts, Hew, Screw & Glue is the perfect gift for trivia hounds and curious minds by the bestselling authors of Bad Hair and Big Hair.