Grimani Risen Christ: An Early Masterpiece of Titian

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itian was the most important Venetian artist of the sixteenth century. His paintings are among the most-admired works in collections and museums worldwide. This volume shows for the first time a sensational find: his early painting The Grimani Risen Christ , which was in the possession of one of the most important family collections in Venice. Christ stands on the tomb like an emperor of Antiquity. An impressive scene, but it is not only the pose which captivates the viewer. The spectacular element lies in the boldness with which the dramatic Easter morning sky in the background is represented. This detail demonstrates the genius with which Titian exploited the colours and their full potential: In this spectacular detail, the medium of paint is exploited to its highest potential. It is as if the light embodies a supernatural energy causing the shroud to billow and Christ's pennant to flutter. In addition it has been possible to penetrate to the origins of the picture. It was in the possession of the Grimanis, one of the most illustrious patrician families and the most important collectors in Venice at the time.

by : Artur Rosenauer