Grandmother's Wisdom: Good, Old-Fashioned Advice Handed Down Through the Ages

$14.10 USD

by : Lee Faber

Grandmothers have been handing out advice for centuries and their tried and tested methods are often the answer to many modern day problems too. Did you know that malt vinegar and baking soda are as good as any branded cleaning product? That you can make your own shampoo that's perfect for your hair colour? Or your own delicious lemonade? Or what the best way to banish nasty bruises and a nagging toothache is? In Grandmother's Wisdom you'll find all the recipes, tips and good old common sense that your Grandmother has learned and put into use throughout her life. All the methods are tried and tested and actually work, not an old-wives' tale in sight! Charming, entertaining and practical, Grandmother's Wisdom is the perfect gift for someone needing a little bit of grandma's guidance.