Gardens of Delight

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by : Erica James
The Gardens of Delight brochure promises travelers the chance to visit Lake Como's most enchanting gardens. For Lucy, a trip to Italy offers more than just gardens. Lake Como is the home of her father, whom she last saw when she was just a teen. Recently married, Helen and her rich husband have just moved into the Old Rectory. With her husband often away from home, Helen throws herself into caring for the garden that was the pride and joy of its previous owner. But Helen needs help—and friends—and so decides to join the local Garden Club. Conrad isn't the least bit interested in gardening. A widower of five years, his life revolves around work and humoring his curmudgeonly Uncle Mac. Mac has expressed a desire to go on the "Gardens of Delight" tour—but only if Conrad will accompany him. Reluctantly, Conrad agrees. "Anything for a peaceful life," he concedes. But a peaceful life is the last thing any of them are in for....Winner of the 2006 Romantic Novel of the Year Award.