Fast Forward Fashion: Where Fashion Defies Function

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Trends come and go, but the trends of our epoch are historic, relying as much as they do upon the rapid changes that have taken place in every sphere due to the enormous presence of the Internet. The inaugural publication of a new book series FAST FORWARD FASHION presents a new crop of industry vanguards who use fabric as their medium of choice to create art rather than mere clothing. In an age when there is so much access to what is new and fresh in terms of design, it takes something truly special to really stand out. Every so often though, you encounter a designer so astonishingly adept at harnessing historical precedents and synthesizing them with vibrant talent and daring vision. The bold imagery in the pages of this book present a selection of forward-thinking designers who take aesthetic chances. Here the collections strive to provoke dialogue by creating modernized channels for self-expression. FAST FORWARD FASHION is what happens when "fashion defies function."

By: Nathalie Grolimund