Eucalyptus Obliqua episodes of dispersals

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by : akram al deek

Pregnant with razor insights, this book invites you on an expedition of self-revision, rethinking who we are, and pushing the parameters of literature through lucid inquiry into contemporary poetics and problematics of home and identity with all their intrinsically cultural and geopolitical ramifications. Semi-autobiographically, the writer reflects on what it means to be a third generation Palestinian exile nowadays living in the shadow of doorsteps and echoes in the meantime voices of books and authors who speak of the meaning of life, the impact of exile, what it means to be “at home” to-day, a life-in-transit, and existential anguish.
This is the first book of its literary type in Jordan to be published in English locally. And the first bibliomemoir to be published in the Middle East, in English. This is an entirely and exclusively local project: a "local" writer, a local Publisher (دار ورد الأردنية للنشر و التوزيع), a local graphic designer of the cover (Raphique Nasereddin), a local typographer (Salem Haddad), a local proofreader and editor (Dr Christina Hawatmeh), local distributors, a local print house, and local subject matters of Arab nationalism, exile, and comparative world literature. When I first sent the script a year ago to publishers in Beirut, Cairo, Amman, and Kuwait, the first response was: we do not publish in English for lack of readership. Well, we make readership by starting local. We start from the "margin" to create a "centre". This is only an initiative for more voices to be heard.