Eleanor of Aquitaine: Queen of the Troubadours

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A comprehensive view of the mythical and historic significance of the great medieval queen - Explains that courtly love was not a platonic and intellectual affectation but an initiatic process of male transcendence akin to Tantra - Shows that Eleanor's embodiment of divine power undermined the pattern of patriarchy - Reveals how Eleanor inspired the powerful influence of the Arthurian cycle's figures Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204) has been long noted for her political and cultural achievements that profoundly shaped twelfth-century Europe. Culturally, beyond her role as wife of kings Louis VII of France and Henry II of England and mother of kings Richard and John, she inspired the huge diffusion of the Arthurian cycle and the Celtic myths underpinning it. Without Eleanor, figures such as Merlin, Arthur, and Guinevere (for whom Eleanor served as model) would never have assumed the enormous symbolic value they now possess. Politically, she embodied divine power that ended the dark age of patriarchy,

by : Jean Markale |