Deep Black Death Wave

$7.05 USD

by : Stephen Coonts

A renegade government and a terrorist cell have gained access to nuclear artillery shells that they intend to detonate in the Canary Islands. The result would be a devastating tsunami across the Atlantic Ocean striking the U.S. East Coast with waves up to 1,000 feet high. Only Charlie Dean and his team at Desk Three can help avert catastrophe. Desk Three is tracing the theft of Russian nuclear artillery shells from a military storage bunker in Tajikistan. They track the shells to a Chinese cargo ship and, ultimately, to La Palma. An Islamic terror group plans to detonate these warheads deep within lava tubes and caves inside the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma. The simultaneous detonation at different points along the rift may trigger the feared landslip. Can Dean stop the plan in time?