Critical Sermons of the Zen Tradition: Hisamatsu's Talks on Linji

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The Record of Linji stands as one of the great classics of the Zen tradition, and modern Zen master and reformer Hisamatsu Shin'ichi offers a lively and penetrating exploration of the religious essence of the text. The Record is a compilation of the sayings of Linji, the Chinese founder of Rinzai Zen. Several decades ago, at a series of Zen retreats at the Myoshinji monastery in Kyoto, Hisamatsu gave the 22 talks translated here. The book features a preface by renowned Zen philosopher Abe Masao and an introduction by Yanagida Seizan, the foremost scholar of classical Zen texts. The translators have added annotations for technical terms and textual references.

by Christopher; Tokiwa, Gishin Ives