Let's Talk Sex

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So, you've survived the sleepless nights, the midnight feeds and the terrible twos, but now the first days of school are approaching and it's time to think about preparing your children for the big, bad world. But how do you look after their emotional health? How can you build their self-esteem? And how do you start preparing them for adult life so that when they are faced with new, exciting or even intimidating grown-up situations they have the confidence to make strong, informed decisions? Here, in "Let's Talk Sex", Davina McCall and Anita Naik set out to answer all these questions and more. Packed full of information on everything from puberty and self-esteem to contraception and pregnancy, this practical and no-nonsense guide to sex, emotional health and relationships will help you to talk comfortably to your children, whatever their age. There is a comprehensive sex test that will show you just how much you know about the birds and the bees and Q&A sections to help you answer those really difficult questions should you get stuck. There are also a number of 'parent-free zones' so your children can read the facts of life for themselves. As tempting as it is to bury your head in the sand and hope they will learn everything they need from their teachers and their friends, research shows that children who can talk to their parents are much more likely to delay sex until they're ready and to practise safe sex when they do take the plunge. So be brave, take a deep breath, sit your children down and get talking. You never know, they may even thank you for it!

By: Anita Naik