Cooking Around the World Romanian, Bulgarian & Balkan

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This outstanding volume on the food and cooking of Romania, Bulgaria and the East Adriatic region presents a collection of recipes from a fascinating and undiscovered culinary world, in which shellfish, summer fruits and vegetables are transformed with fresh herbs and spices into piquant dishes with a variety of different tastes and textures. The fertile soil and temperate climate of the Balkan region produce a rich harvest of ingredients, which combine with the influence of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and European styles of cooking to create a distinctive cuisine. An informative introduction illustrated with maps and photographs gives the background and history of the region's cooking, and describes the unusual ingredients that make it so unique. This is followed by the recipes, more than 70 dishes ranging from soups and appetizers, through meat, fish, vegetables, and pasta, to desserts and baked goods. All are explained step-by-step and accompanied by photographs of every stage of the process and a beautiful picture of the finished dish. This comprehensive guide to the food and cooking of a largely unexplored cuisine presents a superb group of recipes full of surprises, ranging from fiery chillies to delicate rose petals, offering unusual and inspiring dishes for any occasion. This book will be an unexpected treasure in any cookbook collection.