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Concrete Design

Concrete Design

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While most people think of concrete as a material for sidewalks, roads, and industrial uses, it can work wonderfully in the home, too—adding strength, texture, and utility. Take an unprecedented look at the myriad design possibilities of concrete in the domestic space, and see how beautiful it can be. Featuring magnificent examples of work by such star designers as Santiago Calatrava, Herzog & de Meuron, Maya Lin, Rem Koolhaas, Ron Arad, Tadao Ando, and Luis Barragán, this stunning guide covers staircases, floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, and furniture. Highlights include a grotto-like bedroom in the Segal House, created by architect John Lautner; the Möbius House in the Netherlands, based on a Möbius strip; a sculptural loft apartment in the UK; and colored concrete towers that make a powerful visual statement in Mexico.

By: Sarah Gaventa

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