Change-Friendly Leadership

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Readers of CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP are in for a treat. Why? Because this book truly delivers on the title’s promise. Readers who embrace and follow the book’s principles and practices will be:
  • More aware of and committed to the power of character-driven change;
  • More able to build a compelling case for action on the changes and transitions they champion;
  • More attuned to the nuances of resistance, and how to use resistance as a positive force that actually fosters change and transition;
  • Better equipped to build a solid network of cascading sponsors, as well as focused champions, effective change agents, and receptive end users;
  • More proficient in using communication strategies and tactics; and
  • More effective in every element of principle-centered leadership.

The award-winning CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP is written by Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan, a seasoned leadership coach and change practitioner who has worked with and for some of the best organizations in the world. This book is a vitamin-packed treasure of immediately usable ideas, the right prescription for anyone who wants to be a better leader and more effective change manager.

Jack Canfield, co-creator of the phenomenally successful Chicken Soup for the Soul, calls CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP a goldmine of actionable wisdom that he returns to time after time for great ideas on leadership, relationships, and how to manage change.

by: Rodger Dean Duncan