Champagne & Caviar & Other Delicacies

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The quintessential guide to the luxuries of the gods, Champagne & Caviar & Other Delicacies makes the most extravagant foods accessible to every food lover by explaining the best ways to find, select, order, prepare and enjoy the world's most exquisite culinary indulgences. Opulent color spreads present everything from champagne, caviar, and chocolate to foie gras, smoked salmon and truffles with panache and class. All hosts, worthy of the title, will want to display this book at home and flaunt their new knowledge at gourmet groceries and restaurants.

Imaginative recipes give serving suggestions for these extraordinary ingredients. Everyone from knowledgeable gourmets to neophyte epicureans will appreciate this addition to the BD&L successful series of books on the finer things in life including International Connoisseur's Guide to Cigars, Single Malt & Scotch Whiskey, The Martini Book, The New New York Bartender's Guide and The Mesa Grill Guide to Tequila.

By: Judith C. Sutton