Beside the Sickle Moon: A Palestinian Story

$28.20 USD

by :  Thaer Husien

Beside the Sickle Moon is a near future noir based on Israel's occupation of Palestine. Set in the year 2065, this literary activism tells a first person narrative through Laeth Awad, a Palestinian who lives above his convenience store experiencing time pass through smoke clouds with his cousin Aylul. One night upon returning to their village from Ramallah they encounter an Israeli checkpoint within the buffer zone that hadn't been there before. It isn't long until the two stumble upon Israel's plans to construct a luxury hotel for incoming settlers, Ma'al Luz. Demolition crews and military personnel are due to fulfill this contract in the months to come and with them as overseer is the infamous Meir Cohen, a Mossad operative who played a key role in the fall of Gaza