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Astrology & Weight Control

Astrology & Weight Control

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Here is a deft and enlightening perspective on weight control with an astrological perspective that synthesizes body, mind and soul. You'll enjoy the little vignettes of the princess burdened by excess weight who had tried it all, until she met a wise little elf who gave her the answers she searched for, in return for her promise to pass along the knowledge. From there, author Beverly Flynn teaches her Three Basic Astrological Rules of Weight Control, followed by a 7-step program for how you can "put it all together" to achieve your desired goal. Subtitled "The Jupiter/Pluto Connection," the book focuses on how these two planets and the Ascendant of your natal chart can become the basis for three basic rules of weight control. Flynn conveys her practical astrological wisdom as she takes you on a journey of self-discovery that offers hope and encouragement. Beginners in astrology will find Flynn's approach both interesting and accessible, and experienced astrologers will appreciate the clarity of her approach.

By: Beverly Ann Flynn

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