A Year of Desserts

$21.15 USD

Hardcover, 365 recipes, 512 pages,hundreds of photographs... and you are a home cook with a sweet tooth family? BUY IT!
I am a professional pastry chef/baker and I must admit that this book didn't do much for me. Nothing new under the sun and all that. But I can see this book for what it is and that is a limitless source of ideas for the people that are not proffessionals but want to know how to make sweet stuff, and lets face it, they are the majority out there (how many pastry chefs do you know?!)
The first sentence sais it all really. The book has many, diverse and easy recipes with simple methods and simple decorations to produce simple but good looking and satisfying desserts. It is much, much better than most dessert books for home use out there.All the methods are photographed and explained in detail. There is a plethora of pies, creams, tarts, cakes etc. The book is in metric as well as in cups and spoons to fascilitate all users.
And when one has outgrown this book, or wants to try his/her hand on something better I suggest Michel Roux's Finest Desserts, Le Gordon Blue Desserts (European edition), Desserts by Gary Rhodes and Just Desserts by Gordon Ramsey