Emissary of Light

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James Twyman, a traveling troubadour, would risk his life to sing prayers of peace. But with the violence of Bosnia raging all around him, he made a journey to a secluded mountainous area. There he met a mystical community known as the Emissaries of Light, a secret society said to have existed for thousands of years, dedicated to the eternal flame of peace and the banishment of fear and mistrust from the world. The first outsider invited to observe the Emissaries' extraordinary meditations and their powerful effects, Twyman is plunged into an experience of revelation that changes him forever and inspires him to share this new vision for the world. As the Emissaries teach him their lessons, the simple man with the guitar learns an important truth: Despite war, cruelty, loneliness, and fear, peace is not just a dream, it is a powerful reality that already exists within all our souls. Peace is, in fact, our destiny. Emissary of Light has been passed from hand to hand across America, spreading its message of hope and the ancient wisdom of the Emissaries. Prophetic and profound, this is the writing of a man who now dedicates his life to helping us all become Emissaries of Light, as we ask ourselves and our society the most daring of all questions: Are we ready to bathe in the light? As the Millennium closes, are we ready to change the world?

by : James F. Twyman