Blinded By The Light Destiny is Calling

$7.05 USD

by : Sherry Ashworth 

A gripping thriller about a teenage boy sucked into the dark world of a cult.

Eighteen-year-old Joe is bored. Stuck at home after a bout of glandular fever, all his friends have left Manchester and gone to university, leaving Joe with nothing but his rather annoying family for company. When he meets Kate and Nick on the train, something about them appeals to him. So he goes to see them at their commune, a farm in rural Todmorden.

Gradually, Joe’s life starts to make sense. With the White Ones he is wanted, and his life has a purpose. When he meets Bea at the farm, he really feels that his life is complete, and he decides to leave his family and live with the White Ones forever.

But there is something sinister about Fletcher, the Todmorden White Ones leader. Fletcher seems obsessed with Joe – convinced that he is a Perfect, and someone to be venerated. A dramatic trip to the wildest reaches of Orkney will show Joe his destiny – and reveal some shocking truths.