Angel Blood

$11.28 USD

by : John Singleton

X-Ray, Chicken Angel, Lights Out and Cough Cough are the only four children left in the institution known as the Bin. X-Ray and his friends may have terrible things wrong with them, but they're no fools. They know that things have been getting worse since Dr Dearly was put in charge. They have to get out - but how? Along comes hard-case Nail in his dodgy van with his posh bolshie girlfriend, Natalie. All Nail wants is to make some quick money and get off with Nats, but suddenly he has four weirdo stowaways. The children want to find the mythical Sky Boat to sail away from all their problems, but does it exist and will they survive until they reach it? X-Ray's voice is perfect and the way he and the others have created their own world based on their own experience is utterly believable. You long for them to break out and be liberated, even though you suspect the consequences will be terrible.