Mo`s Mischief Pesky Monkeys

$4.23 USD

by : Hongying Yang

FICTION. Chinese boys can be Horrid too! Join in the fun as Mo-Shen Ma and his mischievous father run riot through school and home. There's no trouble they can't get into -- or out of! Every book in the Mo's Mischief series is packed with hilarious adventures -- and a unique insight into modern Chinese life. Mo-Shen Ma is staying at his grandparents' house for the summer holidays. It's so much fun! He makes lots of new friends and plays some great games, like hide-and-seek with dogs! But when Mo-Shen visits the zoo, some naughty monkeys play havoc with him and his friends. What can he do to get them back? As ever, Mo-Shen has a plan.