Tim Defender of the Earth

$9.87 USD

by : Sam Enthoven

TIM is Tyrannosaurus Improved Model. He's a genetically modified dinosaur that the government have been growing in a secret bunker under Trafalgar Square. And he's on the loose, after the Prime Minister decides he's just too expensive to keep. He's huge and clumsy, and with just a few steps could crush much of central London. He tries to get away but something's calling him back...Professor Mallahide is very very clever. But also slightly crazy. He's developed an amazing new invention, where nanotechnology means that objects and even people can be taken apart, remodelled, changed and used for any purpose. It's an incredible tool - but also could be a very dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. Unfortunately it's in the hands of a mad scientist...Chris and Anna are classmates - and after a trip to the British Museum, they're caught up in something very big and scary. Chris is the human link to TIM - can he help control this hugely terrifying but goodhearted monster? And Anna is the Prof's daughter and the only thing keeping him under control ...for now. Can these two kids help at all as TIM and Professor Mallahide do battle? This is a spectacular novel of goodies and baddies fighting it out in London, using Big Ben as a spear and throwing themselves into Buckingham Palace. It is a hilarious, wild and utterly original.