The Regional Accounts Director of Firetop Mountain

$9.87 USD

By: Stephen Morrison and Alex Jenkins

A 9-to-5 choose-your-own-adventure parody in which YOU call ALL the shots.

Life as a data entry temp is great. Your job satisfaction is through the roof. What could be better than entering data for an hourly wage? The only cloud on your horizon is the blood gathering under your chair. You are shocked to discover that the company you work for is using your blood to power a portal to another world — they are literally bleeding you dry. There’s no other option; you must set out on your own adventure and ultimately face The Regional Accounts Director of Firetop Mountain.

The Fighting Fantasy series of books captured the minds of a generation. These second-person adventure books were driven by the choices the reader made. Sadly, all of these young adventurers have grown up to find that the real world is a rather dull place. But help is at hand as The Regional Accounts Director of Firetop Mountain — a hilarious parody of the fantasy adventure genre — opens an office door back into the mystical world of our imaginations. The book will make the perfect gift for twenty- and thirty-somethings who look back on the world of choose-your-own-adventure with such affection.